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Fast Facts

About Sterling National Bank

  • Federally-chartered, FDIC insured financial institution
  • Publically traded (NYSE:STL)
  • Total assets of $6.7 billion
  • Serves the NY Metro market and beyond
  • Sharp focus on providing exceptional customer service, a broad portfolio of banking solutions and direct access to senior decision-makers at the company
  • Differentiated “business bank” model
  • Business customers are primarily privately-owned, entrepreneurial firms with credit needs up to $20 million
  • President & CEO: Jack Kopnisky


Corporate Profile

Sterling National Bank is a financial services firm that specializes in the delivery of service and solutions to business owners, their families, and consumers in communities within the greater New York City area through teams of dedicated and experienced relationship managers. Sterling National Bank offers a complete line of commercial, business, and consumer banking products and services. 

For more information about the company's Board of Directors, Executive Leadership, Stock Information and current Financial Data, please visit our investor relations website at sterlingbancorp.com

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