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Attorney Trust Account Program

The Attorney Trust Account Program exemplifies Sterling’s ability to leverage our in-depth understanding of your field to provide proven, practical solutions, delivering services and amenities not found at other banks. Select from the following accounts and advantages, depending upon your individual preferences and the financial demands of your firm:

  • Trust Checking Account (TCA)
  • Client Benefit Trust Account (CBTA)
  • Interest on Lawyer Account (IOLA & IOLTA)
  • 1031 Exchange Account (1031)
  • Consolidated monthly statements for fast, easy reference on all components
  • Individual sub-accounts for clients
  • Separate 1099s on earned interest for each client account
  • Payments to IOLA / IOLTA Funds
  • Transfers from sub-accounts by phone or fax

Ask us to build you an Attorney Trust Account Program that will simplify your escrow management, facilitate your bookkeeping, streamline the reconciliation process, and improve transparency for your clients.