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Boosting Morale from the Outside-In

March 13, 2017

The trend in office spaces, like those of tech giants Google and Facebook, is to cultivate a positive vibe—a reflection of the company’s culture through office decor and atmosphere. Not only does it convey your business’s personality to clients but it also reinforces company values to employees. 

Create the Vibe

The first step in creating the right vibe is making your office look like the type of place that would fit the people you want to work there. At the same time, two qualities companies desire employees to have are enthusiasm and motivation. An easy way to encourage these is by bringing more greenery into your workspaces.  

Watch It Grow

A recent study from the American Psychological Association compared two office styles—one plant-free, the other plant-friendly—and found that the latter saw productivity increase by 15%. Employees enjoyed that space more, reporting higher levels of concentration.