Sterling National Bank is an organization committed to strong growth. The company’s significant accomplishments are a direct result of continuous hard work by our solid team of dedicated professionals. As we continue to grow and expand across all business sectors we seek talented candidates who can meet our demands for success. We deliver a unique and superior client experience and our competitive advantage is our people who tirelessly work to exceed expectations.

We have something special here at Sterling. We not only offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits but also an environment characterized by an unwavering commitment to high achievement. We are an equal opportunity employer and offer a diverse working environment hosting a multitude of dedicated, talented and driven individuals who value honesty, integrity and go above and beyond for their clients.

It’s an exciting time to work for Sterling National Bank. If you are looking for a unique employment experience and are driven to achieve in a dynamic growth-minded environment, then we have opportunities that might be perfect for you.

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