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White Paper - Business Fraud Prevention

Business Fraud Prevention: 7 Strategies That Work

It only takes a few moments for fraudsters to identify vulnerable areas within an organization. Owners must maintain safeguards to the administration of the business if they expect to protect their bottom lines. In this white paper, we identify seven effective tactics that can help reduce your exposure to fraud.

White Papers
White Paper - Earnings Credit Rate Programs for Property Management Companies

Mitigating Payment Fraud: Protect Your Company from Cybercrime and Check Fraud

While shifting payments from paper checks to electronic systems, such as wire transfer and ACH transactions, has served as an effective deterrent to check fraud, electronic payment systems are not still entirely safe from criminal activity. Criminals can and do find ways to commit fraud via electronic means. 

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Group of Customer Service Representative with Headsets

4 Tips for Customer Service Success

A recent report issued by New Voice Media found that $62 billion of business is lost annually due to negligent customer care. Don’t add to this statistic—avoid falling victim to the pitfalls of poor customer service by embracing these four tips. 

White Papers
protect against fraud and scams during covid-19 pandemic

Stay Vigilant Against Frauds and Scams During the COVID-19 Pandemic

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), there have been more than 18,000 instances of fraud related to COVID-19 since the beginning of the year—and that number is rising all the time. In this white paper, we outline the most common types of pandemic-related fraud and the steps you can take to help protect your organization from them.

One yellow tennis shoe along with one dress shoe.

The Rise of Flexible Working

As work/life balance continues to be a conversation, more and more companies are starting to assess their policies and see where they can make adjustments. 

Payroll Finance
Man typing on calculator.

Discover the Competitive Edge of Payroll Financing

Bridging the gap between receivables and your payroll is a difficulty faced by many business owners. Payroll outsourcing services can help you manage disruptions in cash flow while delivering payroll financing that is accurate, on time, and in compliance.

College Planning
A graduation cap resting on top of a pile of money.

Plan Ahead for College

Are you prepared for the costs associated with college? Learn more about preparing for your child’s future and building a college fund.

Illustration of man looking forward to many different pathways.

Internal Career Changes

While changing career paths is more popular—and acceptable—than it has been in years past, making a major career change can still be a very tall order. Take the anxiety out of your next pivot by considering these three tips.

Business Tools
Icons of Business Essentials

10 Essentials for Every Business - Infographic

Every day you’re laser focused on the demands of your business. It’s all too easy to lose sight of fundamentals that are not clamoring for your attention at the moment. You may know what they are, but understanding is only half the battle—executing on what you know is what gets the job done.

Plane flying over tropical forest.

Airlines Going Green

With the feasibility of electric aircraft decades away, airlines are rapidly exploring measures to reduce CO2 emissions. Learn what some global carriers are doing to reduce their carbon footprint and usher in a new era of innovation and efficiency to commercial air travel.

Client Profiles
Image of Traci Donnelly and Steve Donowitz of the Child Center of New York.

Strengthening Families, Building Communities: The Child Center of NY

For Traci Donnelly and Steve Donowitz, their commitment to the mission of The Child Center of NY happens daily. Learn how these executives leverage business banking solutions from Sterling National Bank to achieve greater flexibility and better serve their clients.

White Papers
Man ghosted standing with a laptop.

Low-tech Fraud Can be High Cost

How to Protect Your Not-For-Profit from Cyber Crime. Despite news of the latest data breach, companies and nonprofits still have a lot to fear from low-tech cyber fraud. In this White Paper, we outline the best practices we recommend to our not-for-profit clients to protect against computer-mediated fraud attempts.

White Papers
Image of person looking at payroll document and calculating payroll.

Outsourcing for Agility and Growth: Payroll Financing and Administrative Services

Payroll fulfillment is one of the most critical responsibilities of the staffing industry, and can overwhelm even the strongest company. In this White Paper, you'll learn how payroll financing and administrative services can streamline operations, increase cash flow, and refocus your efforts back to the heart of your business.  

Image of man pasting a sticky note to a project board.

The Power of Experimentation

Innovation—the creation and execution of new ideas—can lead to massive growth. Learn how to use experimentation to test and understand the potential value of these new ideas.

A group of light bulbs with only one shining.

Stop Killing Your Good Ideas

Good intentions are not good enough when it comes to turning ideas into actionable results. Explore six of the most common mistakes found in innovation programs and learn how to fix them.

A person turning a momentum dial from maintain to build.

When to Build Your Next Innovative Offering

The end of your current offering’s lifespan doesn’t have to be the end of your business’ profitability. Here’s how you can know when it’s time to jump to the next S-curve.

Sterling Solutions
Man banking on is phone and laptop.

The Rise of Digital Banking

Digital banking and online banking are not the same thing—your business needs both. Learn the difference and how to leverage both of these offerings to streamline your financial operations according to your unique needs.