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Mitigating Payment Fraud

Mitigating Payment Fraud Infographic

Payment fraud is continuously evolving. Check fraud has been a threat for so long that awareness—and prevention—efforts are widespread. Learn more about what fraud is and how you can avoid it.

Business Tools
Stay Prepared with a Disaster Recovery Plan

Stay Prepared with a Disaster Recovery Plan

No one can predict when their business will face a disaster, which is why it's always a good idea to make sure that your recovery plans are clear, documented, and up-to-date.

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Fortify Your Strategy with Fraud Prevention Tools

Fortify Your Strategy with Fraud Prevention Tools

Treasury management strategy is a vital piece of any business, including not only online banking, but choosing the best collection and disbursement services and reporting options for you.

Stand Up to Stand Out

Stand Up to Stand Out

Once considered a noble sacrifice disconnected from profit, organizational purpose is quickly becoming the driving force in sustained profitable growth for businesses across sectors. 

White Papers
White Paper - Business Fraud Prevention

Business Fraud Prevention: 7 Strategies That Work

It only takes a few moments for fraudsters to identify vulnerable areas within an organization. Owners must maintain safeguards to the administration of the business if they expect to protect their bottom lines. In this white paper, we identify seven effective tactics that can help reduce your exposure to fraud.

White Papers
White Paper - Earnings Credit Rate Programs for Property Management Companies

Mitigating Payment Fraud: Protect Your Company from Cybercrime and Check Fraud

While shifting payments from paper checks to electronic systems, such as wire transfer and ACH transactions, has served as an effective deterrent to check fraud, electronic payment systems are not still entirely safe from criminal activity. Criminals can and do find ways to commit fraud via electronic means. 

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Group of Customer Service Representative with Headsets

4 Tips for Customer Service Success

A recent report issued by New Voice Media found that $62 billion of business is lost annually due to negligent customer care. Don’t add to this statistic—avoid falling victim to the pitfalls of poor customer service by embracing these four tips. 

White Papers
protect against fraud and scams during covid-19 pandemic

Stay Vigilant Against Frauds and Scams During the COVID-19 Pandemic

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), there have been more than 18,000 instances of fraud related to COVID-19 since the beginning of the year—and that number is rising all the time. In this white paper, we outline the most common types of pandemic-related fraud and the steps you can take to help protect your organization from them.

One yellow tennis shoe along with one dress shoe.

The Rise of Flexible Working

As work/life balance continues to be a conversation, more and more companies are starting to assess their policies and see where they can make adjustments. 

Payroll Finance
Man typing on calculator.

Discover the Competitive Edge of Payroll Financing

Bridging the gap between receivables and your payroll is a difficulty faced by many business owners. Payroll outsourcing services can help you manage disruptions in cash flow while delivering payroll financing that is accurate, on time, and in compliance.

College Planning
A graduation cap resting on top of a pile of money.

Plan Ahead for College

Are you prepared for the costs associated with college? Learn more about preparing for your child’s future and building a college fund.

Illustration of man looking forward to many different pathways.

Internal Career Changes

While changing career paths is more popular—and acceptable—than it has been in years past, making a major career change can still be a very tall order. Take the anxiety out of your next pivot by considering these three tips.

Business Tools
Icons of Business Essentials

10 Essentials for Every Business - Infographic

Every day you’re laser focused on the demands of your business. It’s all too easy to lose sight of fundamentals that are not clamoring for your attention at the moment. You may know what they are, but understanding is only half the battle—executing on what you know is what gets the job done.

Plane flying over tropical forest.

Airlines Going Green

With the feasibility of electric aircraft decades away, airlines are rapidly exploring measures to reduce CO2 emissions. Learn what some global carriers are doing to reduce their carbon footprint and usher in a new era of innovation and efficiency to commercial air travel.

Client Profiles
Image of Traci Donnelly and Steve Donowitz of the Child Center of New York.

Strengthening Families, Building Communities: The Child Center of NY

For Traci Donnelly and Steve Donowitz, their commitment to the mission of The Child Center of NY happens daily. Learn how these executives leverage business banking solutions from Sterling National Bank to achieve greater flexibility and better serve their clients.

White Papers
Man ghosted standing with a laptop.

Low-tech Fraud Can be High Cost

How to Protect Your Not-For-Profit from Cyber Crime. Despite news of the latest data breach, companies and nonprofits still have a lot to fear from low-tech cyber fraud. In this White Paper, we outline the best practices we recommend to our not-for-profit clients to protect against computer-mediated fraud attempts.

White Papers
Image of person looking at payroll document and calculating payroll.

Outsourcing for Agility and Growth: Payroll Financing and Administrative Services

Payroll fulfillment is one of the most critical responsibilities of the staffing industry, and can overwhelm even the strongest company. In this White Paper, you'll learn how payroll financing and administrative services can streamline operations, increase cash flow, and refocus your efforts back to the heart of your business.  

Image of man pasting a sticky note to a project board.

The Power of Experimentation

Innovation—the creation and execution of new ideas—can lead to massive growth. Learn how to use experimentation to test and understand the potential value of these new ideas.

A group of light bulbs with only one shining.

Stop Killing Your Good Ideas

Good intentions are not good enough when it comes to turning ideas into actionable results. Explore six of the most common mistakes found in innovation programs and learn how to fix them.

A person turning a momentum dial from maintain to build.

When to Build Your Next Innovative Offering

The end of your current offering’s lifespan doesn’t have to be the end of your business’ profitability. Here’s how you can know when it’s time to jump to the next S-curve.

Sterling Solutions
Man banking on is phone and laptop.

The Rise of Digital Banking

Digital banking and online banking are not the same thing—your business needs both. Learn the difference and how to leverage both of these offerings to streamline your financial operations according to your unique needs.

The city of Toronto at night.

Is This City the Next Big Innovation Hub?

Toronto’s tech sector has rapidly become the fastest growing of any city in North America, according to a new report from the Bank of Montreal (BOM) Capital Markets. Learn the driving factors fueling the city’s high-tech boom, and the expected economic impact.

Business Tools
Man turning a Momentum dial from Maintain to Build.

Find Your Next S-Curve

In business, the cycle of growth and maturity—often depicted as an S-curve—is an inevitable reality that the best products, markets, and business models can’t escape. Learn three factors to focus on to position your business to jump to the next S-curve.

Business Tools
Man paying with credit card online via his sell phone.

Pay it Online

While the ability to pay your bills online may not seem so exciting, it might improve your life more than you expect. Say goodbye to the hassle of stamps and envelopes once and for all, and say hello to Bill Pay—an online solution to managing your bills.

Women looking into virtual reality headset in amazement.

5 Ways to Create a Culture of Innovation

True innovation can result in massive improvements and growth, regardless of the field that you’re in. As you begin to push for innovation in your business or company, follow the five steps of building your company’s culture.

Client Profiles
Lawyer leaning against desk

Committed to Justice: Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C.

For more than 35 years, Steven Schwartzapfel, founding partner of New York-based Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C., has fought for people who are entitled to justice. Learn more about this prestigious firm and how Sterling’s Law Firm Banking Group helps them deliver on an ongoing commitment to innovation.

White Papers
Business Essentials - fundamentals for business banking

10 Essentials for Every Business

It’s all too easy to lose sight of fundamentals of your business, but understanding these essentials is only half the battle—executing on what you know is what gets the job done. In this White Paper, you'll learn how to focus on the essentials for business banking you can't afford to overlook.

Business Tools
Two people reviewing documents.

Computers vs. Closers

It’s wise to consider how technology, automation, and artificial intelligence will impact our future, but should we fear for our sales jobs?

Stacks of coins with miniature dolls sitting on them.

Understanding Annuities

Annuities come in a number of variations, and, as with any investment, the more you understand how the tool you are using fits your needs, the better.

Client Profiles
A worker at a foundry.

Forged by Fire

On June 1, 2018, more than 100 years of history seemed to go up in a flash. That’s the day Donsco Inc., a family-owned foundry in southeastern Pennsylvania, suffered a devastating fire.

Yellow paper planes following a red paper plane.

Strategy Scorecard

Once you’ve established your vision and the strategy necessary to achieve that vision, determine key measures of performance to ensure that your strategy is being implemented well. 

Sterling Solutions
Green house-shaped game pieces on a game board.

Mortgage Warehouse Financing

Independent Mortgage Banks’ increased market share creates increased demand for residential mortgage warehouse financing.

Plants sprouting out of the ground.

Think Like a Venture Capitalist

When developing a strategy, don’t tie your company’s future to one single growth initiative—think like a venture capitalist with a portfolio of possibilities.

General Interest
Computer interface with smart home icons.

The Best Smart Home Tech Under $100

The latest AI, entertainment, and home security have all slipped from exorbitant to affordable in recent years. Here’s the best smart home tech for under $100.

Documents spread on a table.

Improving Cash Flow

Learn how to keep your business in the black by collecting your receivables as quickly as possible while slowing down your payables.

Coworkers in a business meeting.

Playbook for Success

Learn how strategy maps and scorecards can help you clarify your goals and show your team how to work together to turn objectives into results.

Sterling Solutions
Business people shaking hands.

Law Firm Banking

At Sterling National Bank, we can be more than your law firm’s bank. Learn how Sterling can consolidate both your business and personal banking for easier access.

Two women at a desk discussing documents.

How to Be an Active Listener

It’s a common pointer around the workplace—be an active listener. But what does this really mean? There’s more to it than you think.

Businesspeople in a conference room.

Exploring Multiple Growth Opportunities

No matter the industry or the size of your business, opportunities to grow surround you. And whether you seize these chances or not depends squarely on your business strategy.

Client Profiles
Donsco, Inc. leadership.

Leveraging Assets for Growth

When a family-owned foundry in southeastern Pennsylvania was looking for a new commercial bank, they sought out Sterling National Bank’s expertise in asset-based lending.

A couple speaks to a retirement planner.

How Annuities are Taxed

The tax implications of annuities depend on the type of annuity, how you receive payouts, and whether funds invested are pretax or after-tax.

White Papers
Leveraging FinTech - digital banking for law firms

Leveraging FinTech For Profitability For Your Law Firm

It’s no secret that technology has transformed the law industry, changing lawyer/client communication, case management, and discovery. In this White Paper, you'll learn how to find and leverage FinTech solutions that will help your law firm.

An alarm clock made out of an orange.

5 Ways to Boost Creativity

For some professionals, creativity may seem like a foreign concept. But, before you can get innovative, you have to get creative.

Business Insights
A business owner standing in front of her store.

Your Ticket to Expansion

Whether you’re looking to expand to another location or aiming to build out the franchise you currently own, follow these tips to find the money you need to fuel growth.

A business owner speaking with business bankers.

Financing Your Franchise

Whether you’re looking to expand to another location or aiming to build out the franchise you currently own, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

A network of wooden blocks with icons of people on them.

Your Next Game-Changing Hire

Behavioral Science is changing business today. Learn the three things you should do before building a behavioral science function in your organization.

Illustration of a man being held up by a hand.

Innovations in Data-Driven Auditing

Discover how continuous auditing (CA) and continuous monitoring (CM) harness big data to help your business identify risks, reveal trends, and expose operational glitches in real time. 

Business Tools
Illustration of business tools.

Data Dashboards

The data dashboard is a customizable management tool that provides real-time performance metrics at a glance. Here's how it can work for you.

Cover of Eddie Yoon's book Superconsumers.

Book Review: Superconsumers

Marketing consultant Eddie Yoon provides clear, actionable steps for finding and focusing on your best customers.

General Interest
A pile of measuring tape.

Redesigning Humanscale

The quintessential design reference tool for ergonomic measurements has been recreated recently for the modern age by IA Collaborative.

Sterling Solutions
A hand signs a document using a fountain pen.

An Issue of Trust

Discover why creating a trust could be your smartest, and safest, estate planning strategy.

Illustration of businessman with charts.

Case Study: Hewlett-Packard Co.

In 2015, Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) adopted a continuous auditing and continuous monitoring strategy, resulting in improved performance in several key areas. 

Business Insights
Hands point to charts and graphs on a page.

The Dollars & Sense of Compliance

Compliance affects nearly every industry, whether through the ethical guidelines for HR practices, safety standards for products, or the complex legal regulations surrounding the financial industry. 

A person looking through binoculars with dollar signs.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Learn how cash flow forecasting bridges dangerous gaps in your company’s financial picture, empowering you to calculate future needs and manage risk.

Client Profiles
Richard Mines and his team gather around furnishing mockups.

Aspiring Rock Star to Furnishings Mogul

Discover how Richard Mines channeled his creative energy into building one of the most prominent office furnishings companies in the nation. 

General Interest
A man frustratedly looking at his laptop.

Beat the Inbox Woes

Understand why your triple-digit unread email list can be so stressful... and how to deal with it.

Business Insights
A woman typing on her phone with illustration of positive reviews around her.

Stellar Customer Experience

In 2018, more than 50% of organizations will invest in customer experience innovations. Will yours be one of them?

General Interest
A smiling woman talks on her cellphone outside a corporate building.

The New Age of Social Media

Learn more about the new social media platform where working parents anonymously ask and answer questions about work, life, and finding the balance.

Business Insights
A hand placing a stamp on a document

Costly Compliance

Compliance is one of the biggest challenges facing C-level executives. You’re not alone. Read on to learn more about the costs and complications of compliance.

A man writing on a whiteboard.

Personality Traits of Top Sellers

Making the right hire can mean all the difference for your business. Learn what to look for when recruiting top talent.​

Stacks of pennies by an old-fashioned alarm clock.

Time is Money

In business, time can become profit or loss. No matter your industry, here are three ways you can make sure your team’s approach to time is helping the company’s bottom line. 

A man and woman holding holiday packages.

Seasonal Cash Fluctuations

Seasonal fluctuations in any business make cash flow forecasting a challenge. Learn to identify patterns in your organization and develop strategies to compensate for those periodic highs and lows.

Illustration of a rocket ship launching from a bull's eye

Common Strategy Shortcomings

As you're reevaluating and reigniting your business strategy, follow these tips to avoid a strategic misstep.

Geometric objects balancing carefully

Strategic Balancing Act

Here are the most important decisions you’ll make in order to find the right balance for your company.

A woman looking through a futuristic, digital lens at the viewer.

From Virtual to Reality

Augmented reality is on the rise, but what effect could it have on your industry and your company?

Business Tools
Illustration of a city stretching between two people's heads

How to Energize Event Marketing

87% of C-Suite execs plan to invest more in live events in 2018. Here's what you need to know to get started.

General Interest
A man looking thoughtfully over a landscape

Finding Purpose

Learn how to define your purpose statement for your own career and leadership style.

A well-dressed woman looks up.

Don’t Fear the Tweeters

Gaining support of local stakeholders, online and off, is critical for the success of your big capital project.

Business Tools
A matador goes head-to-head with a bull.

Compliance Risk Assessments

A compliance risk assessment can save your organization plenty of headaches, including fines and reputation damage.

Business Insights

Revamp Your Segment Reporting

Is your company reporting segments correctly? Learn the basic considerations to avoid fines from the SEC.

In the Community
Affordable Housing

Access to Affordable Housing

Access to Affordable Housing is vital in low- to moderate-income communities, and the benefits go far beyond the personal value of a good home for individuals and families.

Business Tools
An Amazon Alexa speaker next to a stack of books with sunglasses.

Amazon's Alexa Gets Down to Business

Virtual personal assistants have become a big part of our lives at home. Now, they may become a part of our office lives, too.

Business Insights
A copy of Ray Dalio's book

Principles: Life and Work

Hedge fund pioneer and Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio reveals his keys to personal and professional success.

Client Profiles
HVAC units

Smart Strategy

Read how Kim Paulicelli captured a male-dominated industry with her successful HVAC company.

Client Profiles
Construction blueprints and golden shovels for a groundbreaking

Small Hospital, Huge Impact

Learn how one CEO turned things around using data-driven methodologies and inspiration. 

Sterling Solutions
A businessman expressing multiple emotions.

Fraud by Impersonation

Learn to beat cybercriminals at their own game and prevent financial losses via fraud.

Man on a motorcycle

Strategy Session

Is your strategy causing a growth stall? Here’s how you can build the clear path needed to grow your business.

Platform Breakdown

Platform Breakdown

Are you investing in the right digital channels? Review the statistics to help drive your digital marketing decisions.

Business Insights
People forming a crowd in the shape of an arrow.

Crowdsourcing for Success

Learn three ways to use the power of the crowd to advance your company’s vision.

Target with money sign in the center illustrating target budget.

Campaign Calculator

When creating a marketing plan, assess the available platforms, address your target demographic, and adopt a lucrative strategy.

A business woman at her computer gazes out the window.

Overcome Procrastination Today

Nothing ruins productivity like getting stuck in a cycle of procrastination. Here’s how to get back on track.

Business Insights
Illustration of computer and data graphs.

Creating Metrics That Matter

Developing meaningful data points that are streamlined across all departments will help you measure efficiency and growth.

A Helia LED lightbulb.

Healthy Light, Healthy Life

Upgrade your office lighting and optimize productivity with indoor bulbs that mimic natural light as it changes  throughout the day.

Business Tools
A group of young business individuals smiling at the camera.

Give 5 Star Performance Reviews

Don’t let uncertainty cause you to overlook employee performance reviews—here’s how to ensure your feedback is clear, concise, and informative.

An image of a person through a heat sensor camera.

NYC Investing in Efficiency

Vacancy sensors in NYC public schools could save as much as 17 million kilowatt hours per year.

Hands holding up a sign that says why?

The WHY Behind Your Business

Read about Simon Sinek’s concept of “The Golden Circle” to help you sharpen your business’s strategy.

Business Insights
A padlock on top of a credit card.

Take Risk into Account

To lower your company’s risk, avoid these common accounting missteps.

Several people in a shared space.

Share Your Space

Brooklyn-based program offers shared housing options where professionals can live and work in unity.

Tiny Homes Fighting Big Issues

Tiny Homes Fighting Big Issues

One city’s government is offering to build tiny homes in homeowners' backyards to help combat homelessness. 


Drone on white background

Drone Discovery

Drones may be your next office addition, here's how these cool tech pieces are changing the way you do business internally.   

Two businessmen pointing at a computer screen.

Size Up the Playing Field

Check out the four key competitive pressure points your business should be aware of in order to optimize your internal strategy.

Family room setting with a couch in front of gray wall with yellow and cream accents.

Nail the Next Presentation

Apply this four step guide to your next business pitch in order to land that partnership or loan. 

Blue background with two digital businessmen shaking hands.

Grow Together

Has your business ever thought of a partnership to help drive sales? Here's why your company should consider one.

Man in business clothes meditating.

Namaste at Your Desk

Yoga is an accessible and effective way to stay healthy throughout your work day. Add it to your office environment with these easy steps. 

Client Profiles
Big stage light.

Let There Be Light

Dive into one company's commitment to light and innovation with our spotlight on Altman Lighting. 

Close up of a man scrolling through his phone.

Digital Channel Technology Q&A

Explore the realm of digital channel management with our director, Dave Thomas, in this spotlight feature. 

Businessman in a suit crouched down on a track about to take off on a run.

Rethinking the Competition

How does your company handle industry competitors? Use these three steps to embrace your competition and turn it into success.

People waiting for a subway or metro.

Connecting the Dots

Here's how journey mapping brings your customer’s experience to life.

Hand holding a conversation bubble with a number sign on it.

Trending Topics

Here are the three business trends your business needs to apply this year. 

Hands typing on a computer.

Case Studies: Fragmented No More

Learn how consulting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) helped a financial software company consolidate processes and increase efficiency and accuracy companywide.

Blonde haired woman with glasses holding paperwork.

Avoiding Company Culture Shock

Hiring people who exemplify “culture fit” promotes company stability, improves individual job performance, and ensures a candidate’s longer tenure at a company. Sometimes, however, the only way to grow is to change.

Keys on a table.

To Rent or to Buy

Stuck on whether renting or buying is the right move for you? Here’s a list of reasons to rent and reasons to buy to help with your decision making process. 

Businesswoman on a computer.

Look Online for Leads

Here’s why online platforms are the place to find valuable leads for your business. 

Businessmen and women sitting on chairs holding brightly colored shapes.

Is This the New Email?

Advance your company’s communication with these productive internal messaging systems. 

private banking balancing act

Private Banking: A Balancing Act

Learn three ways to start paying attention to your personal financial goals while managing your biggest asset—your business. Plus tips on how to find a private banker.

Aged American flag with red, white, and blue.

Trump Cards

Stay up-to-date with the Trump administration, their executive orders, and how they may affect your business.

Blue scooter in front of an apartment complex.

Real Estate, Real Talk

A look at the New York area real estate market and how the landscape is shifting.

Apartment complex with a hand reaching toward the outdoor staircase.

Taking it to the MAXX

Take an inside look and explore the business successes of MAXX Properties over the years. 

Piggybank with coin being dropped in.

Reinvest For Success

Here’s how repurposing and reinvesting business finances helps leverage and increase outside investors and overall opportunity for your business's future growth.

Infograph with business people and puzzle pieces.

Meet and Greet

Are you stuck in a business rut? Challenge yourself and your team to get out there and start networking to help fuel growth.

Tan puzzle with one separate piece on top.

From the CEO

An update and a look at strategy with Sterling National Bank President & CEO, Jack L. Kopnisky.

Graphic of several women in a v formation. Center woman is orange and all others are blue.

Women on the Rise?

Take an honest look inside your company—are women well represented? Learn strategies to promote gender balance, diversity, and inclusiveness.

Business Insights
Red and white popcorn container filled with popcorn.

Film Tax Credits: Your Next Big Role?

Find out all you need to know about tax credits and how you can take advantage of opportunities to have your business space featured on the big (or small) screen.

Client Profiles
Yellow school bus.

Rolling V: Moving Forward, Family First

Find out how one family business developed a family-inspired corporate atmosphere to help drive the company toward future goals and continued growth. 

Hand above and below holding a digital cloud.

Connected in Every Direction

Explore the tech trends that offer a great investment for consumer engagement and effective operations for your business. 

hand holding block

3D Printing: The Future is Now

Find out more about how 3D printing also known as additive manufacturing is redefining the business landscape. 

Business Insights
Behind the Cloud blue book with white background.

Behind the Cloud—The Salesforce.com Story

Join Marc Benioff as he outlines the strategy behind his explosively successful company, Salesforce.com, and how it became the leading organization in cloud computing in just under a decade.

Empathy: The Successful Perspective

Empathy: The Successful Perspective

The growing trend in business is to better understand fellow employees in order to improve relationships, foster collaboration, and drive productivity. But how?

Top Lessons from Innovation Leaders

Top Lessons from Innovation Leaders

Whether you’re driving the latest technology or not, you can gain valuable lessons from the leading innovative businesses. 

folders with paper in office

What’s in a Hire?

While talent and personality matter when reviewing job applicants, it’s important to also test touted capabilities.

silver dial with the words: excellent, good, average, poor

Service is an Experience

By analyzing the past, present, and future experience patterns of your clients, you can take your business’s customer service experience to the next level. 

Business Insights
green and red vegetables

Farm-to-Counter Goes Fast-Casual

Local seller makes an effort to not only supply farm-to-table products, but to educate chefs on the growing processes.

Client Profiles
What’s in a Home?

What’s in a Home?

Read how Sterling client Menowitz Management Corp. finds success in the subsidized housing market and with digital automation.

Business Insights
Globe, hands, children, teacher, learning.

From Doing Good to Being Good

Read about what’s driving corporate social responsibility, and how companies are looking to innovation for connecting with consumers and their values. 

Business Insights
Brown brick city apartment building

Subsidized Housing

While the subsidized housing market may have regulatory roadblocks, some companies view its rise in New York City as a smart business investment. 

View from above of people using tablet devices at a table

The Human Side of Workplace IT

Information technology is ingrained in almost every aspect of business. Find out how to ensure that your business' relationship to it remains positive and efficient.

White Papers
employees smiling over work with silhouette of business buildings

Transparency as Strategy

Embracing human engagement and transparency may improve client and employee relationships. But how can you tell if that’s the right move for you? 

One woman, two men jumping with city skyline behind them.

Supercharge Your Engagement Strategy

Having a superior product doesn’t mean anything if you can’t connect with your audience. Practice these tips for improved engagement.

Business Insights
Close up of middle aged man.

Using Business Intelligence: Q&A

Utilize business intelligence—people and data—to improve client relationships and work toward company goals.

Man in dress clothes yelling into megaphone.

Defining Company Purpose

Purpose, vision, mission—it can be hard to tell them apart, but all three are needed to establish clear company goals.

Orange, white geometrics, white cube in right corner.

Power in Running Lean

Changing industries are calling for traditional management, along with other business practices, to evolve. Here’s how to do it effectively.

Two businessmen shaking hands.

Your Make-or-Break Strategy

When looking for new executives, it’s important to find someone who’s the right fit. Follow these steps for effective hiring.

Business Tools
Man in suit in office typing on computer.

Blogging Done Right

There’s more to business blogging than simply checking a box. For a greater reach and better posts, follow these five steps.

Tall, miniature ATM with LinkNYC.

Free Wi-Fi and Charging?

Just when you think the world can’t become any more convenient, connective charging stations come to New York.

In the Community
Article Image: A woman standing in a crowd looking very confident.

Sterling Women

Sterling National Bank’s venture, Sterling Women, was created to assist business women in their efforts to become outstanding leaders. 

Article Image: The logo for Zappos. Zappos is an online store for shoes. Their logo is their business name written out with dot com written underneath it. There is an exclamation point made from a shoe print to the right of the letters.

A Study in Excellence: Zappos Work Culture

Zappos’ culture attracts top talent—people who genuinely enjoy their work and are good at it—allowing other aspects of the business to develop naturally. But how did they get there?

Business Tools
Article Image: Three young professionals talking about business plans in a brightly light office. They appear excited, happy, and having fun.

6 Steps for Meetings That Work for You

How to avoid confusion and productivity-sapping, open-ended group conversations? Check out these tips to create meetings that work for you.

Article Image: An icon of a person in a the center of a circle. This person is surrounded by several other icons of people in circles. They are all connected with lines. This represents a network of people to work with.

Collaborative Systems Boost Innovation

Looking to increase your business' innovative capacity? A collaborative work system can significantly impact the innovation quotient within or between companies.

Article Image: A business book standing upright with nothing around it.

Uncontainable: Book Review

In Uncontainable, Kip Tindell illustrates what it means to thrive as a follower of Conscious Capitalism.

Article Image: A funny image of a business man in the middle of no where, with a transparent/clear map, wearing a blue astronaut helmet.

Where Wearables Are Headed

Wearables are becoming popular accessories—a mainstay of the consumer Internet of Things. Consider these business tips as wearables make their way into the hands of employees.

Article Image: A man holding a his iPhone while video messaging a customer service representative.

A Little Help from Tech Tools

Learn how technological advances that are reshaping physicians' office visits could transform your business.

Article Image: An African American business man making a phone call.

Invest in Your Employees

Companies that holistically invest in their employees’ personal and professional lives often tout lower turnover rates and increased employee morale. 

Article Image: A new and clean office space with several workers busy talking and working.

The 5 Elements of First Impressions

An on-site interview is usually the first exposure that a potential employee will have to the workplace culture behind a brand. It’s critical to carefully cultivate the candidate experience in order to leave a lasting positive impression.

Sterling Solutions
Our Cloud Offers a Sterling Lining

Our Cloud Offers a Sterling Lining

If you’re a staffing or IT consulting firm, Sterling National Bank offers specialized payroll finance services that can help you run your business hassle-free.

Article Image: Three business people sitting around a desk with iPads.

The Power of the Human Experience

Employees who are encouraged to be real and bring their true personality to their job tend to be happier and more productive. Ultimately, they project a positive company brand, building trust and loyalty with your clients.

Connected in the City

Connected in the City

Connectivity comes to the Big Apple as high-speed broadband comes to all five boroughs, and WiFi access to all 277 subway stations.

Business Tools
Article Image: a finger taping on an iPhone, with flowing icons around their finger.

The Secret to Winning Social Media Strategies

Social media puts your brand and its message in the customer’s hands 24/7. It's wise to be proactive by crafting your social media strategy in advance. Here are a few things to consider as you do.

Article Image: An iPad with several graphs that scale from highs to lows.

How to Implement New Intelligent Technology

Effectively integrating intelligent tools into a company’s internal and/or external operations requires piloting them first through beta teams, or a process known as user acceptance testing. 

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LEEDing the Way for Green Buildings

LEEDing the Way for Green Buildings

As your business grows or seeks new facilities, consider green building practices that significantly benefit your company and brand. 

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The World's Smartest Cities

If you need inspiration for using technology differently, spin the globe and check out what other countries are doing. 

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Transparent, Intentional Tech

In the modern world of work and play, technology bombards our interactions and environments. With constant stimulation, maintaining a critical eye is crucial.

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The Product of Working Environments

Since the early 1990s, the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) program has sought to recognize companies who adhere to industry-leading practices for sustainable building. 

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3D Printing Underway at the CIA

3D Printing Underway at the CIA

The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park has entered into an exciting new printing partnership with 3D Systems—enabling faculty and students to “explore the intersection of 3D printed food and artisan culinary methods."

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STEM & the Future of Tech

STEM & the Future of Tech

With the advent of interconnected devices on the Internet of Things (IoT) and tech systems, STEM education is in demand. 

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Change the Way to Pay

“Tap” into the latest innovations in over-the-counter transactions with Sterling National Bank.

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Lost in Transit?

Have you lost anything? Each year, MTA collects thousands of personal items in its Lost & Found. Maybe they have something of yours?

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Canvassing New Ideas

A canvas model can serve as a place to document ideas and inspiration for innovation within your business. Learn more here.

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Make Your Pitch for Investors

Your business has uncovered an opportunity—and identified an innovative solution. But where do you find funding, and how do you deliver a compelling pitch?

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Taking Advantage of Customer Insight

What information can you gain from analyzing customer data? Analytics can be a gateway for improved customer service experiences and build on existing brand relationships.

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The Spark of Innovation in Healthcare

Take a lesson from the healthcare sector, where companies can find big financial incentives for innovation to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. 

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Book Review: Ten Types of Innovation

Need inspiration? Pick up Larry Keeley’s Ten Types of Innovation: The Discipline of Building Breakthroughs, which reveals more than three decades of innovation insight. 

Growth Through Innovation

Growth Through Innovation

Staying competitive in business today requires exploration of new ideas, through time, intent and bold action. Reposition your business to reap the financial rewards of innovation.

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Embrace Change and Avoid Obsolescence

In business, complacency is the root of all evil, across virtually all industries. Businesses that are slow to adapt will die. It's key to be nimble and quick, but how? 

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Build an Environment of Design

Design thinking is not a single decision, but a valued process. It can be a powerful tool for almost any industry.

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Leading Innovation in Healthcare

Gerard Galarneau, MD, of Catskill Regional Medical Center, approaches innovation as a simple shift in perspective and attitude. 

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Is Your Business Ready to Accept Smart Card Money?

Smart cards add a layer of security and protection for consumers and businesses that magnetic strip cards can't offer. Learn more about how this unfolding technology can keep your business safe.

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Proclaiming a New Culture

Culture is a leading indicator of employee satisfaction. It needs to be treated as an investment in the success of the business. As such, it should have an official creed to explain it.

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Small Teams: The Secret to Success?

According to fast-growth companies, team size directly influences productivity rates and engagement levels. Yet it’s how those teams are developed and managed that determines their success.

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Best Practices for Setting Goals

You know the value of goal-setting for your employees. However, setting goals that aren’t attainable will kill motivation.

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A Little Help From Your Friends: Analyzed Checking

A Little Help From Your Friends: Analyzed Checking

Do you have the most appropriate business checking account for your company’s needs? Analyzed Checking gives account holders the benefit of an earnings credit based on balances. 

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File First, File Fast for Patenting

In light of a landmark 2013 ruling, you may face new challenges and timelines for patenting ideas. Learn how you can protect your original ideas, technology, or processes before going to market.