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Connect Magazine is our custom publication, created for business leaders like you in order to provide valuable ideas and insights on a wide variety of topics relevant to running a business.

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The Fall 2020 Issue

Now more than ever, innovation is viewed as an “X-factor” that separates good businesses from great ones. But despite preconceived notions, innovation transcends technology and can sometimes be manifested  by simply thinking “outside of the box.” In this issue, we explore how a commitment to innovation in a post-pandemic world can yield new opportunities for growth and scale.

The Spring 2020 Issue

A sound and thoughtful business strategy is critical to success—especially in times of uncertainty. In this issue, we explore that strategic challenges you may be facing during the pandemic and beyond and the strategic solutions you can use to confront them with confidence.  

The 2019 Innovation Issue

The spark of innovation fuels many founders to build their business around a revolutionary new product or service that shakes up a stagnant industry. While an innovative idea ignites a wonderful foundation for a new business, the temptation can be strong to rest on the laurels of success. This issue draws insights and guidance from leading companies that show how any business can continue to innovate for growth and success.

The 2019 Strategy Issue

A thoughtful and effective strategy is the first step to accomplishing any goal. From financial planning to growing a business, the proper strategy informs every decision. However straightforward it may sound, strategy often requires discipline, patience, and exceptional leadership to implement. Before you craft a plan and organize the personnel and equipment it takes to operate, consider why it’s necessary and what efforts it will take to achieve success—this is strategy.

The 2018 Innovation Issue

Innovation requires the exchange of ideas between people. After all, the network connections within our brains that create a new idea are not very different from the network connections between people that allow new and exciting ideas to cross-pollinate. In fact, the best innovations are bolstered by a strong team that can help see ideas through to fruition. This issue draws insights and guidance from innovative companies that show how any business can innovate for continued growth and success.

The 2018 Strategy Issue

Not only must leaders have a clear view of their organization from the top down, but they must also possess a keen insight into the competitive landscape around them. And in this time of enormous social change, even the most stalwart businesses need to consider reassessing corporate strategy. Read our summer 2018 issue of Connect to widen your perspective and learn how refining your strategy can keep you competitive.