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Troubleshooting Your Distributed Workforce

Troubleshooting Your Distributed Workforce

Whether you moved your team online for the benefits that a distributed workforce can provide to your business or you’re temporarily telecommuting due to illness, learn how you can eliminate issues that may be arising and implement the right policies for your team.

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The Rise of Flexible Working

As work/life balance continues to be a conversation, more and more companies are starting to assess their policies and see where they can make adjustments. 

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Illustration of man looking forward to many different pathways.

Internal Career Changes

While changing career paths is more popular—and acceptable—than it has been in years past, making a major career change can still be a very tall order. Take the anxiety out of your next pivot by considering these three tips.

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Drone on white background

Drone Discovery

Drones may be your next office addition, here's how these cool tech pieces are changing the way you do business internally.   

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Man in business clothes meditating.

Namaste at Your Desk

Yoga is an accessible and effective way to stay healthy throughout your work day. Add it to your office environment with these easy steps. 

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Women on the Rise?

Take an honest look inside your company—are women well represented? Learn strategies to promote gender balance, diversity, and inclusiveness.

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Power in Running Lean

Changing industries are calling for traditional management, along with other business practices, to evolve. Here’s how to do it effectively.

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Article Image: An African American business man making a phone call.

Invest in Your Employees

Companies that holistically invest in their employees’ personal and professional lives often tout lower turnover rates and increased employee morale. 

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Article Image: A new and clean office space with several workers busy talking and working.

The 5 Elements of First Impressions

An on-site interview is usually the first exposure that a potential employee will have to the workplace culture behind a brand. It’s critical to carefully cultivate the candidate experience in order to leave a lasting positive impression.

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Article Image: Three business people sitting around a desk with iPads.

The Power of the Human Experience

Employees who are encouraged to be real and bring their true personality to their job tend to be happier and more productive. Ultimately, they project a positive company brand, building trust and loyalty with your clients.

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Article Image: A curved hallway with three tropical plants with tall windows.

The Product of Working Environments

Since the early 1990s, the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) program has sought to recognize companies who adhere to industry-leading practices for sustainable building. 

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Proclaiming a New Culture

Culture is a leading indicator of employee satisfaction. It needs to be treated as an investment in the success of the business. As such, it should have an official creed to explain it.

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Article Image: Several business people jumping over gears.

Small Teams: The Secret to Success?

According to fast-growth companies, team size directly influences productivity rates and engagement levels. Yet it’s how those teams are developed and managed that determines their success.

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