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Taking Advantage of Customer Insight

June 15, 2015

What information can you gain from analyzing customer data? Analytics can be a gateway for improved customer service experiences and build on existing brand relationships.

Gain Insight 
Use data to find trends in how your customers interact with your business. Leverage the information to optimize the overall customer experience. Even rudimentary data and analytics can provide insight about client defection. Evaluate when customers make purchases and the frequency of interactions and purchases. Analyze the customer’s average spend. By understanding this type of information, a business gains perspective for innovating a product or service line.

Get Feedback
Beyond examining customer engagements and interactions, surveys can be a useful tool in learning customer preferences. Solicit your customer base to complete a survey and consider providing an incentive for each response. Focus groups may provide additional insight into customer perceptions of your brand, products, and services in the marketplace. These tactics may also uncover problems you didn’t know you had, allowing you to develop solutions that will improve customer perceptions.

Reshape the Experience
Based on the critical insight gained from analyzing your customers’ habits, preferences, and perspectives, target areas for change or opportunity. This is where businesses can begin to prototype and test ideas or solutions. Shift your perspective to consider ways to alter a product or service line. If your customer data indicates low engagement with a particular part of your website, for example, evaluate where tweaks could be made either in the flow of the site or on-page content to pull in readers. See how your audience responds, and reconsider ways to alter your product or service accordingly.

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