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Discover the Competitive Edge of Payroll Financing

January 12, 2020

Bridging the gap between receivables and your payroll is a difficulty faced by many business owners.

Payroll outsourcing services can help you manage disruptions in cash flow while delivering payroll financing that is accurate, on time, and in compliance with everchanging regulations. Payroll financing specialists at Sterling National Bank work with a variety of industries, providing a suite of products and services that can be tailored to meet your company’s unique needs. Here are just a few ways your company can benefit from payroll outsourcing:

Increase Cash Flow
Even if customers are taking a little longer to pay their invoices, your capital can still work for you. Whether you need to finance new equipment or fund your payroll, Sterling has you covered when your cash is tight.

Conserve Time and Focus
Recordkeeping, payroll processing, and tax management are time-consuming responsibilities that can prevent you from growing your business. Payroll financing services can take care of these tasks while you concentrate on generating revenue, recruiting the best workforce, and building your client base.

Expand Your Network
When you partner with Sterling, you leverage a dedicated team of savvy staffing professionals that has built a network of nationwide resources ready to assist.

For more information about how payroll financing can position your company for growth, read Sterling National Bank’s white paper, “Payroll Financing and Administrative Services: Outsourcing for Agility and Growth.”