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Drone Discovery

September 11, 2017

Drones are adding a dash of innovation at home and in recreational settings, but before you know it these high-powered tech advancements may become your new favorite office companion.

Here’s what to anticipate with the future of drones in the workplace:  

Autonomous drones—like the Parrot Bebop 2—can navigate themselves. This means as they continue to advance in skill and increase in popularity, you can anticipate the arrival of coffee or printed materials delivered directly to your desk so you can optimize office productivity. 

Drones also have the ability to cut down on the physical side of document sharing by tackling things like server monitoring—which could eventually lead to live video feeds from locations across the globe—allowing you to receive and view updates in real time. Drones are something to look out for as they continue to develop and make their way into office settings.