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Mitigating Payment Fraud

Mitigating Payment Fraud Infographic

Payment fraud is continuously evolving. Check fraud has been a threat for so long that awareness—and prevention—efforts are widespread. Learn more about what fraud is and how you can avoid it.

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Group of Customer Service Representative with Headsets

4 Tips for Customer Service Success

A recent report issued by New Voice Media found that $62 billion of business is lost annually due to negligent customer care. Don’t add to this statistic—avoid falling victim to the pitfalls of poor customer service by embracing these four tips. 

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A business owner standing in front of her store.

Your Ticket to Expansion

Whether you’re looking to expand to another location or aiming to build out the franchise you currently own, follow these tips to find the money you need to fuel growth.

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Hands point to charts and graphs on a page.

The Dollars & Sense of Compliance

Compliance affects nearly every industry, whether through the ethical guidelines for HR practices, safety standards for products, or the complex legal regulations surrounding the financial industry. 

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A hand placing a stamp on a document

Costly Compliance

Compliance is one of the biggest challenges facing C-level executives. You’re not alone. Read on to learn more about the costs and complications of compliance.

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