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Manage Risk, Leave Room for Growth

June 5, 2020

Risk aversion is a natural tendency during times of uncertainty, but experts suggest this is exactly when you should also be doubling down and optimizing your company for growth.

While a shaky economy will have most business leaders reaching for the risk management plan, an optimization strategy that protects your company from risk while still positioning it for growth may be what sets you apart from your competitors. Consider these three areas that offer opportunities to do both:


Before you cut spending altogether, consider technology as an avenue to reduce expenses or gain a competitive edge. For example, cloud computing and agile technologies can streamline your operations and cut labor costs.


If the market is in a downswing, use the time to invest in research and development. Innovate new products or processes and run iterative tests on your ideas. Committing resources now will ensure you have a launch strategy when the market recovers.


Market uncertainty is a perfect time to take advantage of competitor weaknesses to gain a larger market share. If you have the resources and opportunity, you may even consider a strategic acquisition.

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