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Overcome Procrastination Today

January 2, 2018

Whether you’re tackling a mountain of work, developing new projects, or mapping the future of your business, procrastination can be a pitfall. This is especially true when it comes to tech-related investments or transitions down the road. Defeat procrastination by planning ahead so that your business can adapt and refresh strategy as needed. 

First, understand the procrastination cycle—when putting off a task, you can easily get caught in an endless loop. Not being in the mood to start leads to putting it off. Then the guilt sets in because you haven’t started yet and feel that too much time has passed. Finally, a lack of focus seeps in—emails and other tasks pop up—and you feel worse for having put off the task in the first place.

Here’s how to acknowledge the cycle and get back on track with your productivity:

1. Embrace it. Accept the task at hand. Get to the bottom of why you don’t want to work on it—maybe you need help from another team member, or the deadline is unrealistic. 

2. Break it up. Determine how you can break the project into smaller chunks of work. Set a reasonable schedule for each task so that you’re more efficient throughout the day. 

3. Be fast to fail. If you’re concerned about the project outcome, find ways to quickly solve—or fail—a small task. This further defines the path toward your goal.