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Reap a Harvest by “Nurturing” Your Leads

November 21, 2016

Drip email campaigns are a powerful communication strategy that deliver targeted, relevant content to qualified leads in order to move them from awareness through conversion. 

These automated campaigns are timed to “drip” messages when triggered by the subscriber’s behavior—such as opting in to receive emails, responding to a call to action, downloading a file, or making a purchase. By tailoring communications according to their needs and preferences, you can more quickly and effectively move leads, or prospects, through the conversion funnel to become customers.

The 6 Stages

Interact with leads in meaningful ways by meeting them where they are: 

>Awareness. Prospects are aware of issues and pain points. Messaging should be entertaining and informative.

>Interest. Prospects have a base understanding of products, brands, and trends. Educate them with an eye toward solutions.

>Consideration. Prospects are evaluating products and interacting with sellers. Provide info and comparisons to aid decision-making.

>Purchase. Prospects have made their choice. Affirm that decision by making purchase easy and helping them utilize your product or service.

>Post-Purchase. Customers desire a worthy product or service and an excellent relationship. Offer loyalty programs and channels that promote feedback.

>Repurchase. Customers may show interest in other brands or related products and services. Touch base regularly, providing info on your other offerings.

By the Numbers

>Generates nearly 80% higher opens than one-hit emails

>Without nurturing, over 75% of qualified leads fail to convert to sales

>The best drippers produce 80% more sales at costs that are 33% lower