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Taking Action: Action Staffing Group

Mark Weiss has a sign on his office door: “If you don’t do the job, somebody else will.” And at Action Staffing Group, Weiss’ staffing firm based in Elizabeth, New Jersey, they do just that—take action.

As a full-service staffing provider that operates with a logistics mindset, Action Staffing serves clients across New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. The company predominantly focuses on providing staffing for clients in light industrial, food production and distribution, logistics, and commercial driving.

Founded in 2012 by Weiss, Action Staffing has experienced rapid growth—from a start-up $8.7M company in its first year to $33M last year. Weiss and his team continue to expand into new markets, supported by Sterling National Bank for financing and payroll.

“We succeed at taking challenging orders and getting things done, and our customers are happy with the results,” Weiss says. “We’re financed and capitalized to take on any amount of payroll to meet customers’ needs, and we’re also fully insured in all 50 states, which is particularly important to our commercial driving clients.”

Action Staffing is constantly reinventing itself, and is focused on meeting client demands and giving people a chance to improve their lives by joining a reliable and productive workforce.

“Our mission begins with helping others better themselves and improve themselves.” Weiss says. “We take action. We get things done. We are very direct in our approach.”

Behind the Scenes

With an extensive background in marketing and finance at the corporate level, Weiss started working in staffing 21 years ago. He culls his decades of experience to deliver daily on his company’s mission: “To strive to help others better themselves through the work we do, to help people inside our organization, our candidates for hire, and our customers.”

“My experience in the corporate world taught me how to run a business and the importance of generating revenue and profit every day,” Weiss says. “All my experiences gave me the confidence to branch out on my own, and Sterling National Bank helped me make the leap from employee to employer.”

Weiss translated his passion for helping others into Action Staffing. As an extension of that, Weiss created Action TV, a library of videos about job preparedness, safety, and a positive attitude.

“To be successful as a business and for our customers to succeed, we prepare our candidates for hire and advancement. The only way to look, is to look up,” Weiss says.

What Sets Action Apart & Makes Them Different

Weiss and his executive management team have proven their ability to provide workers for high demand, sometimes quick-turn jobs while appropriately managing risk.

“We can deal with small, one-time client needs as well as clients who require hundreds of people per day,” Weiss says. “It requires a unique style of management and control to vet candidates for hire who have the right qualities and experience necessary for these different scenarios, and to do that at scale.”

Action Staffing has maintained clients across decades—some that worked with Weiss when he worked for earlier agencies—and others that operate on a cyclical basis. The team at Action Staffing is equipped to meet clients’ unique job orders, situations, or events, no matter what.

“The risk of filling some of our orders and dealing with groups of employees is tremendous,” Weiss says. “We emphasize safety, prevention, and management and never take shortcuts. We’re dedicated to responding quickly to client demands and always with quality and safety in mind.”


  • Dare to be different. When Weiss started his firm, he knew that he faced stiff competition from large national players. To gain a competitive edge, he showcased his team’s unique personality and an overall sense of humor not typically seen in the industry, building a brand that was both memorable and impactful. Action Staffing’s unconventional and authentic identity remains a signature component of their marketing strategy that continues to pay dividends.
  • Focus on good communication. Action TV, the communications outlet created by Action Staffing, connects candidates for hire with useful, relevant information about job preparedness and safety. Weiss and his team have fun with the videos they create, but at its core, Action TV is a tool for sharing direct, crucial messages with job seekers, the internal Action team, and potential customers.
  • Listen. Weiss, with a background in corporate sales and marketing, emphasizes the importance of listening to clients’ needs. When he’s working with potential customers, he listens before asking questions about the clients’problems and works to find solutions.”‚ÄòSeek to understand before you seek to be heard’ is a message I share with my team,” Weiss says. “We get results because we listen.”
  • Generate revenue and profit every day. Weiss stresses the importance of having an overall business plan that measures results on a weekly basis to stay on target with long-term goals. “We know how we’re doing every week,” Weiss says. “In order to be successful with that management style, we focus on bringing the right people into our own organization and we let them thrive and make decisions.”


Action Staffing CEO, founder, and owner Mark Weiss believes a great company relies on three components: great customers, great employees, and great vendors. When he made the leap to start his own firm in 2012, he sought the help of a crucial vendor for his business: Sterling National Bank.

“Sterling National Bank has believed in us since day one,” Weiss says. “Even though I had an extensive background in business, we were a brand new venture. They made a commitment I’ve never forgotten. They provided capital to open our business so we could pay our bills, and be able to give our customers good working terms so they could work with us.”

Through Sterling National Bank’s Commercial Services, Action Staffing utilizes the bank’s solutions designed for staffing agencies that process payroll, timesheets, and invoices. Sterling National Bank’s team, including Portfolio Manager Al Forzano, brings years of experience working with the specific needs of staffing agencies.

“We’re tapped into Sterling’s services so that payroll, billing, and everything tied into employee compensation is handled efficiently,” Weiss says. “Working with Sterling as a vendor enables me to focus on my mission of helping people. They support our back office. They give me the confidence to work with all sizes of companies. They enabled us to go into business quickly, opening new offices, and their commercial services enabled us to pursue other markets.”

Let Sterling National Bank help your business find the right tools to grow. Contact your Relationship Manager or call Client Services at (855) 274-2800.

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