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Personalized and Dedicated Service

As a Sterling client, you will be assigned your own Client Service Team to support your growth. Our teams of experienced and dedicated professionals, the majority of whom have been with Sterling for more than 10 years, will assist you in finding the best ways to operate your business and achieve your goals.

Sterling’s Payroll Finance Division provides a value that is unique among our competitors: over 80% of our professionals have worked for five or more years at a staffing company, at which many of us were Branch Managers, Recruiters, Pay/Bill Staffers, or Systems Developers. Because of this extensive experience in companies like yours, we understand the importance of the quality of our services, as well as the manner in which those services are delivered.

We provide a full range of services, from front- to back-end, so you can focus on what you do best – putting people to work.

Credit & Receivables Management

At Sterling, your personal Client Service Team helps you anticipate and avoid the credit problems that result from doing business with slow-pay and no-pay clients. This ultimately saves you money and helps your business thrive.

Every time you place a temporary employee or offer payment terms to your customers, you’re extending credit. Sterling’s Client Service Team works with a team of Credit Analysts to help ensure that you only place temporary employees with employers who can pay for your services.

We also provide you with collection assistance to help reduce the amount of money lost to bad debt and minimize the time you spend on collections, since faster collections mean lower borrowing costs.

Our cash management services, such as Lockbox, agings and collection reports allow you to track your cash every business day.


Sterling’s full-service program helps ensure timely payments by giving you the tools you need to deliver accurate invoices the way your clients want them.

  • Choose from hundreds of different formats
  • Customize them with your company’s logo
  • Deliver them on your clients’ preferred schedules
  • Mail paper invoices or send them electronically for an even quicker turn-around time
  • Every invoice is electronically archived, which means you can resubmit misplaced invoices in seconds

Back-Office Services

With Sterling’s back-office services, temporary staffing firms can enjoy the same economies of scale as the larger regional or national staffing firms. Because we service more than 400 offices across the United States, we have the resources, best practices, and knowledge to manage your back-office more efficiently, passing that savings on to you. We can take care of your payroll processing, payroll tax preparation and filing, invoicing, accounts receivable management, credit analysis, software, and financing.

Payroll Funding

Sterling’s unlimited payroll funding gives you the financial capacity to grow in the cash-intensive staffing industry and to compete with formidable national and regional providers. Our funding is collateralized by your accounts receivable, and therefore, you have immediate access to an expandable source of payroll funds to support unlimited growth and profitability.


Effective, reliable, and easy to use information systems are essential tools for staffing firms. Information technology can help you find, test, and place temporary employees, improve sales and marketing, and manage virtually every part of your business. Sterling’s industry-leading proprietary software, Oasis, is a fully functional front-office package with advanced features that seamlessly integrate into Sterling’s payroll and billing systems. Maintained by our own IT professionals, and with no per-user license fee, our cloud-based hosting allows you to store all of your data in our secure data centers. Detailed management reporting keeps you current on all aspects of your business, and the web-based system is accessible on desktop and mobile, so you can stay connected even when on the go.

Payroll & Payroll Tax Processing

Sterling’s automated system saves time, eliminates guesswork, and reduces errors for both your temp contract and internal payroll. Sterling handles every aspect of your payroll and payroll tax preparation, including electronic filing of taxes, W-2s, 1099s, and other forms. Your Client Service Team reviews your payroll tax calculations and helps expedite your payroll tax inquires.

You will have flexibility on how payroll is distributed. Your company can go paperless by offering direct deposits. Pay cards are also available. And you can print checks in the office, anytime.

Our payroll register shows weekly payroll information for current employees, and a deduction register shows deductions, such as group insurance, garnishments and pay advances, by department. The report is itemized by employee name, check number and amount.

Other payroll reports are available upon request.