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Oasis: Sterling’s Web-Based Front- and Back-End Software

Sterling’s proprietary cloud-based system allows you to track applicants and manage client relationships at no additional cost and with no per-user license fees. The web-based software is accessible via all modern browsers, smartphones, and tablets, so you can stay connected to your business even when you’re on the go. Oasis was designed by our internal development team, drawing upon more than 30 years of staffing experience, to provide you with maximum flexibility to run your business hassle-free.

Maintained by Sterling’s own IT professionals, the Oasis system offers secure cloud hosting in our data centers for all of your data.

This front-to-back office support system streamlines all of your business functions and gives you real-time sales and management reporting at your fingertips.

  • Custom-branded self-service online employee application and resume parsing tools minimize data entry. The employee’s personal application data will feed directly to the payroll system.
  • Custom-branded secure web portal provides employees with fast, easy access to job-order information, payroll histories, pay stubs, and timecards. It also allows for the electronic entry of time and expenses, including the uploading of receipts or other documents for authorization.
  • Provide customers with invoices, timecards, accounts receivable aging, reporting, and electronic approval of employee time and expenses.
  • Track recruiting sources to identify marketing monies being spent.
  • A resume generator aids candidates who need resumes.
  • Publish on job boards.
  • Receive real-time management reporting and forecasting.
  • Secure web-based system provides you with 24/7 access. There is no need for hardware updates or maintenance. All your data is stored securely in our cloud.
  • More than 250 online reports are available, including a weekly Accounting Summary, Detailed Workers Compensation, Bill/Fee Analysis, Client Billing and Margin by Account/Employee and many more.
  • You’ll have more than 100 custom invoice styles from which to choose.
  • I9 management, tax calculation and reporting, insurance deductions, and garnishment processing help you direct your capital to doing what you do best – selling new jobs and recruiting new people.
  • Integration with MapQuest and Google Maps quickly provides assignment and customer location information.
  • Full payroll and billing integration streamlines your operation and is compatible with any internet-based time-capture or time-clock system. Billing can be sent by paper invoice or email.

Management Reports

Comprehensive management reporting keeps you current on all aspects of your business and delivers the information you need for sophisticated planning. Sterling provides more than 250 standard customized reports, including a weekly Accounting Summary, Detailed Workers Compensation, Bill/Fee Analysis, Client Billing and Margin by Account/Employee and many more.

24/7 Remote Payroll Processing and On Site Check Printing

Print checks right in your office at your convenience with Sterling’s 24/7 Remote Payroll Processing and On-Site Check Printing. You can continue to utilize all the direct deposit or pay card options you are currently using.