Enable Accessibility

A Little Help from Tech Tools

October 15, 2015

What if your next doctor’s office visit happened over the computer, and your physician automatically had access to your vital signs based on an app you’ve been using? With advances in technology, the typical physician’s office visit is being radically transformed.

The long-awaited transition to tech tools that enable physicians to communicate with patients remotely has arrived. Telemedicine breaks down a barrier to access for healthcare and alters care delivery. Similarly, wearable tech allows care providers to monitor vital signs based on a patient’s activity over time.

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Apply the Same Concepts to Your Business:

1. Think outside the office 
The healthcare industry feels the strain of a new group of previously uninsured patients coming into the system. Employing video conference technology provides greater access to care and allows physicians to connect with more patients and streamline their office workflow. Consider new pathways for engaging employees and customers with technology.

2. Build relationships 
Portable applications can empower employees to pursue more meaningful relationships among team members or with customers. With immediate details and information at their fingertips, the sales force could be positioned to make more accurate assessments and more meaningful connections, much like physicians who have real patient data that extends beyond office visits. This allows people to be on the same page and share viewpoints, which leads to a greater connection and relationship.

3. Personalize it
Consumers and patients prefer personalization of services—avoiding the need to reintroduce a topic or concern each visit. Personalization can be as simple as sending automated appointment reminders, creating bundled appointments, and offering preferred appointment windows to patients or customers.

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