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Troubleshooting Your Distributed Workforce

June 5, 2020

Whether you moved your team online for the benefits that a distributed workforce can provide to your business or you’re temporarily telecommuting due to illness, learn how you can eliminate issues that may be arising and implement the right policies for your team.

THE PITFALL: Your team isn’t available.

THE SOLUTION: Reset your standards.

If you have expectations, make them known. Some common procedures you may want to establish include being available during business hours, including expected response times on communications, and making sure to note breaks and meetings on shared calendars.

THE PITFALL: Your team isn’t productive.

THE SOLUTION: Build out your toolbox.

Provide necessary technology and ensure your employees know how to use the tools they have access to. Some things to consider: reliable hardware, a video chat provider, a task management app or software, a messaging service, and secure remote access to shared files via a VPN or file sharing provider.

THE PITFALL: Your team isn’t collaborating.

THE SOLUTION: Enhance team communication.

Now that your team is online, desk drop-bys are a thing of the past. Intentional check-ins and transparency can ease your problems. Schedule regular video chats to replace your daily team huddles, make messaging the norm in place of quick check-ins, and plan regular all-hands meetings via phone conference.