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private banking balancing act

Private Banking: A Balancing Act

Learn three ways to start paying attention to your personal financial goals while managing your biggest asset—your business. Plus tips on how to find a private banker.

Blue scooter in front of an apartment complex.

Real Estate, Real Talk

A look at the New York area real estate market and how the landscape is shifting.

Aged American flag with red, white, and blue.

Trump Cards

Stay up-to-date with the Trump administration, their executive orders, and how they may affect your business.

Apartment complex with a hand reaching toward the outdoor staircase.

Taking it to the MAXX

Take an inside look and explore the business successes of MAXX Properties over the years. 

Tan puzzle with one separate piece on top.

From the CEO

An update and a look at strategy with Sterling National Bank President & CEO, Jack L. Kopnisky.

Infograph with business people and puzzle pieces.

Meet and Greet

Are you stuck in a business rut? Challenge yourself and your team to get out there and start networking to help fuel growth.

Piggybank with coin being dropped in.

Reinvest For Success

Here’s how repurposing and reinvesting business finances helps leverage and increase outside investors and overall opportunity for your business's future growth.

Graphic of several women in a v formation. Center woman is orange and all others are blue.

Women on the Rise?

Take an honest look inside your company—are women well represented? Learn strategies to promote gender balance, diversity, and inclusiveness.