Equipment Finance

We’re nimble, and we can service a broad range of equipment finance needs across the country.

At Sterling, we provide a platform to service companies with even the most complex transactions. It’s the levels of expertise and flexibility that Sterling provides which make us the optimal source of capital for a wide range of industries and purchases. Whether you’re investing in a series of equipment upgrades or a one-off crane purchase, your Sterling relationship manager will provide you with the information you need to make smart decisions for better outcomes.

We maintain a focused approach, paying attention to all of the details and offering specialized insight into a variety of transactions. We service a range of professionals and businesses, including manufacturers, healthcare diagnostic facilities and hospitals, and printers, to name a few.

We offer 100% financing for all types of equipment, fixed payment schedules linked to business seasons and cycles, streamlined approvals, and the convenient option to add new equipment to existing leases.