Invite Education

Plan for your children's future, today.

When is the right time to save for college? It can be difficult to know and the process can be complicated. To help you prepare for your children's academic future, Sterling National Bank is proud to provide access to Invite Education, an organization that delivers tools and information to start planning for children of any age. The Invite Education College Planning Center makes it easy to learn to save, determine which colleges are a good fit academically and financially, and how to find scholarships and other free money to maximize savings.

This tool allows you to view all of the children in your family in one dashboard, allowing for easy planning and a constant, focused view of college savings finances.

College Planning Center Resources

Visit Invite Education's College Planning Center to start using these resources today.

The Family Financial Center

Track your college-related costs and calculate expected needs and potential shortfalls.

The Passport for Success

Follow steps through each grade level, preparing you with helpful hints every step of the way.

Central Location

Gather all your children's college planning and saving information in one place.


A calendar keeps you on track and sends you alerts for upcoming tests, application deadlines, and more.

College Snapshots

Get a big picture look at the colleges that might be right for your child, including price, size and acceptance terms..

Financial Aid

Find in-depth information about how financial aid works, plus research what scholarships or grants might be available.

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