Personal Savings

Simplify saving and choose from a range of accounts designed to meet a variety of needs. Our solutions offer competitive rates and convenient features, and they can be linked to other Sterling deposit accounts for additional benefits and privileges. Bring your financial goals within reach with diverse products and services, and with a relationship manager who has the expertise and insight to guide you.


Purple Savings

Balances count toward combined minimum to avoid monthly checking fee, also features tiered interest rates.

Silver Savings

Free for Silver Checking clients and higher rates than our standard savings account, with companion Silver Checking.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Earn some of our best rates on terms from three months to five years. $100,000 Jumbo CDs are also available.

Money Market Account

With five rate tiers, you will earn more when you deposit more.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

In addition to CD IRAs, we also offer Money Market IRAs. Choose Traditional, Roth and Educational IRAs, or SEP, SIMPLE and Keogh plans.

Student Savings

For students as young as six, this account eliminates monthly fees with extra-low minimum balances. It’s a great companion account to Student Checking.