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Today, more than ever, the majority of commercial financial transactions take place online, with correlating increases in both the volume of threats to electronic security and levels of operational complexity. As a result, businesses have in recent years suffered hundreds of millions of dollars in losses from online takeovers and unauthorized funds transfers 1, 2.

Since virtually every authentication technique can be compromised, security experts advise that financial institutions offer solutions that strengthen controls they and their clients currently deploy. A multi-layered approach can substantially strengthen online services by providing protection for sensitive client and account data, preventing identity theft, reducing account takeovers, and mitigating risk of financial losses.

commercial online banking secure browser

Our Sterling Secure Browser is a safe and convenient gateway to access our Commercial Online banking applications.

  • Validation of the Sterling Secure Browser software during startup helps to prevent software tampering
  • Multi-Factor Authentication of the user and their device, provides multi-layered identity protection
  • Encrypted Keyboard Software helps to prevent harvesting of private information, such as credentials, via keyloggers
  • One-time, time-perishable passcode generation and utilization reduces credentials theft
  • Strong authentication of destination websites helps to prevent pharming and DNS poisoning

Every day, successful companies depend upon electronic banking applications to efficiently execute transactions and monitor accounts. Our Sterling Secure Browser provides security without sacrificing flexibility:

  • Users interact with the Browser in the same way they would with any other web browser—except that the Sterling Secure Browser is restricted to our approved websites.
  • The Browser also provides access to a pre-selected set of useful public websites that support account activities, such as government agencies, tax guidelines and other helpful resources.
  • The Browser is downloaded and registration includes out-of-band authentication, a recommended form of identifying customers.
  • The application requires under 100 MB of space to run on Windows or Apple operating systems.

Download the Sterling Secure Browser today, our solution for conducting crucial financial transactions safely and easily.

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1 - The FBI reported that 22,000 businesses worldwide suffered almost $3.1 billion in losses resulting from email compromise scams targeted at organizations that regularly perform wire transfers and/or conduct business with foreign suppliers between October 2013 and May 2016 (FBI Public Service Announcement).
2 - The Associate for Financial Professionals Fraud and Control survey states that 73% of U.S. based companies were victims of payment fraud in 2015 (PR Newswire).